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Hello Newgrounds Community!

2008-04-03 18:33:07 by NormireX

Hey everyone. I'm new here obviously.heh I'll be posting songs from my old band The Livingstons over the next few days. I am glad Newgrounds has allowed me to do so. This is a great site! So anyway feel free to listen and review anything I post(obviously.heh) and please be honest. And in advance thanx for reading and listening!



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2008-04-10 16:23:58

very sorry i get in a mood for music and dont really read and have to go smoke a cigarette everytime i type a review if i find one i like or truly have to vomit because of. I had no idea the song would be impossible to re-record. I truly loved it and just thought i would state the obvious in case you needed to hear it from some one else/ I know when i create art it needs to be seen by others because i would be uncertain my opinion is a honest one. i didnt mean to dredge up old music and i am sorry to hear about your band. tuff stuff great music you all had it down pat just needed a technician ;P