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Cover Songs

2008-04-04 00:20:38 by NormireX

Ok so I've noticed some other musicians have posted their covers of other artists songs. So I have decided to go ahead and post The Livingstons 3 cover songs as well. Only one is up right now. It's California Sun by the Riviera's. Go check it out and rate it if you would like. :)

Hello Newgrounds Community!

2008-04-03 18:33:07 by NormireX

Hey everyone. I'm new here obviously.heh I'll be posting songs from my old band The Livingstons over the next few days. I am glad Newgrounds has allowed me to do so. This is a great site! So anyway feel free to listen and review anything I post(obviously.heh) and please be honest. And in advance thanx for reading and listening!